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  • Govinda Govinda Feb 1, 2014 07:54 Flag

    Not good enough???

    I can only see 1 reason we signed Kallstrom late on the final day and that is that we could not get who we really wanted (once again). It would be hard to believe we could not have signed Kallstrom a few weeks ago because i don't even think Exeter would want him or any other club for that matter.

    We continue to be inapt in transfer windows of late where we seem to think it is like Christmas sale, you have to wait for the last moment to get the best prices even if your first choice is gone.

    And lets not forget, it has been a glaring need for us to sign a striker last summer, something slightly ignored after the brilliant Ozil signing, now once again we failed to sign a striker.

    I am worried about this summers window even if we finish in the top 3. Prepare for an other pathetic showing of our club and don't expect a striker befitting a club with aspirations to win a major trophy.

    Kallstrom seem like a nice guy and nice guys don't finish 1st.

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    • "Kallstrom seem like a nice guy and nice guys don't finish 1st" ???

      What a rat a.. #$%$ thing to say Vindaloo. You know absolutely nothing about football, (accept what you read) or this player. Also, it's 'inept' dummy. Just like your posts here. And Giroud more than makes up for spending millions on an unproved kid. Wenger has been at it a long time and hasn't done too badly, the last time I looked.