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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 3, 2014 21:58 Flag

    How did Chelsea not beat City by 5 or 6 goals?

    They dominated City all over the park, and City showed up as over-hyped team who always get lucky with poor decisions, but none tonight.

    Well done Chelsea, City only lead the table for a few days before they surrendered the lead to the best team in the league The Arsenal.

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    • ps, Natastic should have been sent off as he was the last man, lucky City again.

    • Chelsea appear to be by far the best managed team in the PL, Jose proved that once again. If you compare the spanking most teams visiting City received including ourselves, to Chelsea's result last night there is little argument to be had about who the best manager in the PL is. Oh how I hope Wenger will learn how to beat Jose but soon.

      City and Arsenal are far more exciting teams to watch though and Moureen still has to prove he can be a great manager for more than 2 or 3 seasons with one team, something Wenger and SAF have proven.

      Good result for us!!!!!

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      • Maureen is a very good tactician. Winning home and away against City proves that. As he said in his interview. It's one thing to tell your team what to do. It's another if they ACTUALLY do it.

        He has had plenty of resources at his last few clubs, but once the purse strings get pulled, it will be a different matter. He has a number of the 'Old Guard' that are close top their sell by date.

        Lets see where we are at the end of Feb. If we are still top, I will be ecstatic.