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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Feb 8, 2014 12:19 Flag

    Bergkamp statue

    A statue of 'God', that's Dennis Bergkamp to any Arsenal fan worth his salt, is about to be unveiled at the Emirates, before the next home game. This latest statue will join those of Chapman, Adams and Henry. Now if I were asked who my favourite all time Arsenal player would be, it would be Dennis 'the God' (in our house), yet, when I look at the statues thus far erected I am left wondering why it is that so many other 'legends' have been overlooked. Would Charlie George not be deserved of one? Liam Brady? I think George Graham deserves one myself (though I bet the poor #$%$ doesn't get one), Alan Sunderland perchance? Glenn Helder!?!?!? Apart from Chapman, the statues so far all played together!!!
    Any players you think deserve to be immortalised that have not had the honour so far? My Arsenal worship only began in 1974 and I'm sure others go back further than spring chicken Fab.


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