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    Will Wenger learn to adjust tactics?

    One of the the criticisms against Wenger over the last many years (and now also against Moyes and Pelligrini) is his apparent lack of tactics. New generation managers like Moureen and Pep are know for their attention to the most minute level of tactical detail much to the frustration of some of their players but with great success.

    Will Wenger be able to learn from his mistakes and make tactical adjustments? It will be interesting to see over the next few games how we play, particularly if he employes better tactics against Liverpool in the FA cup clash with them.

    "Last Monday, a Jose Mourinho masterclass saw Chelsea alter the direction of the Premier League title race with a superb 1-0 win at Manchester City. The home side had boasted a 100 per cent league record at Eastlands going into the game but boss Manuel Pellegrini was taught a harsh lesson by his counterpart.

    Mourinho switched to a 4-3-3 system, dropped Oscar, and fielded three more physical and defensive-minded midfielders in Ramires, Nemanja Matic and David Luiz. Widemen Eden Hazard and Willian also dropped back in defensive phases to create a five-man midfield as City were invited to attack. Then, just as the 2012 champions approached the 30-yard mark, Chelsea pressed ferociously and launched lightning-paced counters. It was a ploy that devastated City, especially in the first half.

    Pellegrini’s choices were limited by injuries, but his decision to play a flat four-man midfield – with the immobile Martin Demichelis and undisciplined Yaya Toure in the centre of the park – played right into Mourinho’s hands. It was too easy for Chelsea to transition and pick City off on the break, with their 1-0 victory fully deserved, as the Blues also hit the woodwork on three occasions.

    On Saturday, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger suffered arguably the most humiliating 20 minutes of his career as Liverpool romped into a 4-0 lead at Anfield. Not for the first time, the Frenchman was outthought by his opposite number.

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    • I don't think the Lpool loss was down to tactical fault. It was more a case of game over before any tactics even came into play.
      Arsenal have been fine for the most part this season. Extremely strong at the back and always a threat going forward. Wenger has employed more defensive midfields when needed, and he was able too. Flamini missing is a major pain at the moment.

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      • by the way this was the missing piece of the article I copied;
        "Brendan Rodgers described Liverpool’s eventual 5-1 triumph as “tactically brilliant” - and that is exactly what it was. Liverpool’s front four of Raheem Sterling, Philippe Coutinho, Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez switched positions constantly, doubled up along with Jordan Henderson on left back Nacho Monreal and attacked all of Arsenal’s weaknesses. The slow and awkward Per Mertesacker was deliberately pulled out of position, while Laurent Koscielny’s suicidal high pressing was exploited with through balls in behind.

        Rodgers had clearly studied Arsenal meticulously prior to kick-off and adapted Liverpool’s tactics accordingly. Wenger has never been one to change his skin and he sent Arsenal out with exactly the same gameplan he has always used. Manchester United's hapless boss David Moyes can be similarly criticised for refusing to curtail his side's bombardment of crosses during the 2-2 draw with bottom-club Fulham at Old Trafford.

        To succeed in football today, a coach must be smart and flexible enough to adapt his tactics depending on the opponent and scenario. In three of the biggest games of the past week, Blanc, Wenger and Pellegrini have come out as losers in this regard. Mourinho, Rodgers and Ranieri have emerged as winners."

      • Flamini is a big loss no doubt but after the first 2 goals, and definitely after the 3rd it was clear what was going on ( I think ) and I believe we should have at least tried to make some tactical adjustments.

        Is Flamini back on Wednesday? Let's hope he stays healthy.

        I think we have had some slow starts to games this season and we should work on coming out of the gates with determination rather than like Karpov in game one of the world chess.championships.

        Wednesday can not come fast enough even if the game is a worry.