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  • His lack of pace and clinical finishing have contributed to our downfall in the games against the decent sides this season. Too many people focused on the part Ozil played in surrendering the ball too cheaply to Liverpool which led to their goals. For me, the real culprit and the problems we had against Liverpool stemmed from the fact that Giroud is too slow and very wasteful in threatening positions / in front of the opposition's goal. This is one of the reasons I don't understand Wenger's inactivity this last window and still persists with Giroud up top against opposing sides with pace aplenty in their squad.

    As Fabongrass remarked in his *The first FOUR goals (against Pool).* thread, Arsenal created a great chance to get back into the match at crucial time but the 'snail-paced' Giroud somehow contrived to let Liverpool off the hook. If he had taken the chance presented to him, it would have been a different game. Giroud has performed admirably this season and his hold-up play is second to none and there's definately a place for him in the squad but Giroud's lack of pace upfront makes it easy for decent sides to nullify Arsenal's gameplan. As poor as Benteke has being this season, he'd have been a great asset for us against sides like Liverpool and Man U on Wednesday night, and he won't have cost alot to buy in the January transfer window seeing that he was out of form at the time. Liverpool won't have had the sort of confidence they had to push up against us if they knew that Arsenal had pace upfront and this is why Benteke would have helped us greatly. I hope we don't regret putting all our eggs in the same basket against Man U on Wednesday night.

    MCMXCIX (A worried fan who thinks Arsenal deserve better and wants the best for Arsenal).

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    • Funny old world this is. One time the guy can do no wrong. But of course, we need a whipping boy for our failures, and that seems to be Giroud. His first opportunity against L'pool goes astray, and now he is the villain, everyone seeming to forget that we had just gone one down in the first minutes of the game, and this was Girouds first touch, practically, and he's supposed to hit the target?? Yes, if had an armchair in front of a goal on a big screen, with a cold beer in his hand, like all the big mouth, fat lazy armchair a/holes, he couldn't miss could he . !!!??? Wake up and try playing the game sometime, even if its only in your forgetful minds. The whole bl...dy team(Ozil more than most) was to blame for that defeat, not just Giroud.

    • A few weeks ago I saw a stat which showed Giroud as one of the more inaccurate strikers in terms of %shots on target and conversion. This is not a big surprise because it "feels" like he needs a lot of chances to score. He is pretty good with his had and great at involving others and creating assists but poor in scoring goals and seems to need a lot of time to control the ball and get a shot of on goal.

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      • Prior to the Liverpool game last Saturday, I also read an article on Eurosport Pitchside Europe which stated that only 40% of Giroud's shots are on-target and out of the 40%, he manages to convert 18% of his shots into goals. In comparison, 55% of Sturridge's shots are on-target and he converts 28% of his chances into goals. As you can see above, Giroud's conversion ratio is below average and put simply is not good enough as a leading striker for a side challenging for top honours. This is compounded by the long-term injury of Theo, he would have been Ok-ish if we have Theo available as Theo can make-up for Giroud's wasteful finishing.