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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Feb 17, 2014 08:50 Flag


    Fabianski, the much maligned Arsenal no2 played a blinder yesterday against, what some would have you believe, the best front two in the Prem. I recall Fabianski being awarded a MOM award for a game in a pre-season Amsterdam tournament, the first time I had seen the guy appear for Arsenal. He was truly fantastic, his reaction saves, which he made one after the other, arguably the best I had ever witnessed ( I kid you not).
    Fabianskis chance came for the Prem and his career nose dived. He earnt the nickname 'Flappy' (much like Rikki earnt his, 'complete #$%$).

    I seem to recall a report of Fabianski wishing to leave due to lack of playing time,

    Could Arsenal be letting the better GK leave?????

    Much PROUD Gooner FA cup competing love!

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    • Fabianski got my vote for MOTM yesterday too.

      Other notable performances from Ox and Jenkinson. The BFG and Kos did another great job too.

      Arguably Liverpool should have got a draw, but luckily for us the result is the only important thing and we move on to Everton.

      Good match, good banter with the Pool fans (apart from the smelly smoke flares).

    • I think Fabianski was immense yesterday and I read an article stating he had been measured to have one of the quickest reaction times on record for keepers. I think he is a great shot stopper and proved that once again yesterday. He struggles a little with high crosses in the box, and had a big flap yesterday, playing teams like West Ham or Man U who basically don't do much more than areal bombardments into the box in the hope that one fall to one of their own players, this can be difficult. On the other hand I would imagine this is a skill that can be learned if he is given enough games.

      I do think he seems less cocky by nature than the big pole and for a keeper being cocky is not a bad thing.

      Not sure who I would choose Fabianski or the big pole. For now perhaps I would stay with the big guy but there is not a lot between them.

    • "I'm not happy with Almunia between the sticks and if he gets injured and we rely on Fabianski then it really looks like 'Game over'."



      "You lot can point to the loss at Chelsea, when we had Flappy the goalkeeper in goal handing them both goals on a silver plate"



      "Flappy keepers and Red cards all round!"