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  • The Alcoholic Brown Family The Alcoholic Brown Family Feb 21, 2014 08:05 Flag

    The world according to Govindfa ....

    Ozil can be forgiven because he's still settling in, since August, but that doesn't apply to Mata, who has to come out of the blocks firing on all cylinders!!

    If Govinda wasn't here to ridicule, you'd have to make him up, like Dodgybanana did with Baldrick, Jacob, Jack S, and all the rest of the brainless idiots!

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    • Mata has been plying his trade in the EPL since 2011 whereas Ozil has just arrived only 6 months ago, Mata has the experience of the league behind him and knows what the EPL is all about . For Ozil, the English league's rough and tumble style is a whole new ball game for him and it's like being taken to the park and learning how to ride a bike. It takes time to perfect, Rikki.

      Ps, why the personal attack again? Govinda is just stating his opinion, and there is no denying that many share the same opinion that it takes time to acclimatise to the EPL.

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      • Despite the importants of needing time to adjust if you compare this season"s stats Ozil destroys Mata's stats. Mata creates 2.3 key passes per appearance and Ozil creates 3.0 key passes per game.

        If Ozil played with RVP or a capable finsher he would lead the league in assists as well. At the moment I think he is 2nd.

        Ozil has made more starts for Moureen per game in charge by Moureen than Mata has.

        There is little doubt Mata is fine player and it was perhaps harsh for him the way Chelsea and Moureen got rid of him without a thought but there is one thing certain, statistically he is inferior to Ozil this season, despite his years of PL experience.

        But who cares about Mata??? He doesn't even play for us.

        He should only be relevant to Vicar the Arsenal hater.

      • Stop talking in clichés, slayer, you've been doing it for years and it's tiresome.

        Ozil has played twice as many minutes as Mata this season, 1811 minutes in the EPL alone, compared to 911 for Mata.

    • Mata is a wonderful player, but despite playing with superior goal scoring team mates he loses the only objective battle to Ozil which are the stats but I guess that fact is too hard to deal with for the Arsenal hater. Hatred seems to have poisoned your brain