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  • Jacks Jacks Feb 21, 2014 14:02 Flag

    another view of us V Munich...

    Forget the loud mouths spouting their nonsense on here, always 'little boy' gleeful about our teams loss to Bayern. Not exactly unexpected as it was. Never the less if we view it from an altogether different angle, these are some of the detail that have not been aired on here, simply because people like 'butchvicarpiggy' (call it what you may) aren't the least interested in anything that may benefit Arsenals case. But lets see. In the 2nd half, If you counted the number of passes, Bayern had 508, to Arsenals 62(fact). Now then, against such a 'barrage' of them retaining the ball, it is a testament to the spirit of our team, that this tie isn't even further beyond our grasp. Also, when considering their penalty, I can see that yes it was a penalty, but I believe (as do a lot of commentators) it was only that, and not a red card. That was harsh in the extreme, in the same manner as the one that sent our German keeper Lehmann off against Barca, when we looked like winning the CL final.
    In slow motion its clear Robben had poked the ball away, waiting for the contact from our keeper, in very much the same circumstances as Ox's challenge against Suarez, which went unpunished, and was IMO the correct decision. As for the nonsense over Ozil. Give it a rest. He's happy enough. Simply frustrated and finding the PL difficult. We don't exactly have the talent around him he was use to. The media would have otherwise, as expected. Any excuse for disruption, will do for them.

    Now all I have to do is wait for the childish, unconnected dumb responses, from the usual planks......

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