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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Mar 8, 2014 15:09 Flag


    MOM performance from our little German maestro today, a great assist at the end of a sweeping move and a well taken first goal. Chamberlain had a great game and the team looked well up for it. Giroud with some class finishing.Semi -final, here we come.


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    • Where was he against Munich?

      A dire game, did nothing, typical Ozil, blows hot and cold, one of the most inconsistant players in the EPL, no wonder Wenger dragged him off at half-time.

      He needs a weeks rest after every game.

    • Ooer-zil had a great game. In fact, damn near all our players did well against a well organised Everton team. Leaving aside his one slip-up, even Vermaelen looked good and full of commitment.

      If I were going to criticise anything, it is that we were rubbish at attacking corners. We seem to get loads of them, but never do anything worthwhile and very rarely score from them. The BFG did well in defence, but I would expect a bit more in set pieces from him.

      My throat is very sore from shouting. The Everton fans were worse than the Liverpool fans. Throwing water bottles and coins etc. Great day though.

    • ...and we didn't miss Jack either, did we? Forgive me for mentioning this, but I get the impression that the team seem to play better without him. It maybe me, but I think Wiltshire can be a bit of a moaner, and bully sometimes. Certainly throws his weight about a bit too much, and can be a bit predictable, going forward and always looking for the reverse pass etc.....Take nothing away, he's a great talent. Probably get better with age.
      BTW, after putting Everton to the sword, watching Ozil make Everton look as though they had sent out a team of wax works dummies, and Manure making hard work of beating 'Gone' West Brom, I wonder where The Bali Baboon(sorry Orang UTAN) is. Probably had a skin full this weekend, and in an alcoholic coma.....