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  • John John Mar 11, 2014 23:39 Flag

    Bayern game

    On balance, we did well to get a draw. Not really doing enough to get the win, but keeping them to one goal.

    Oh and Robben is a dirty little diving #$%$.

    Odds on for the FA Cup, and an outside chance of the EPL.

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    • No matter which way we paint it, Bayern were always in 2nd gear, and outplaying us. As for Ozil, with little or no chance to deliver anything positive, as we were always on the back foot, and he had nothing to aim at in truth. Otherwise, I think next season(without key injuries again) we could be looking at an even better season. We will still finish in the CL pos. and win the FA Cup.....Once again a stinking result from a team like Stoke, who does all its football using intimidation, robs us of our momentum.

    • Part of Neville comments:

      And finally he will improve more when he has a Striker that runs beyond and provides movement for his strengths.

      'Some rightly pointing out others who have been up and down in the first season but then improved second and third.

      'Every good num 10 needs 2 to 3 players that make runs behind and sacrifice themselves! Modern game problem - Too many want to be a num 10!

      'On Xmas break - no excuse really for an experienced manager. He could have given him one first two weeks in Jan- Ronaldo used to get one!"

    • Forgot to ad Robben is miserable little diver. No point to go on about it but I think the world of football would be a better place if divers got dealt with more harshly. There are too many around for my taste.

    • Good result for confidence. Continue to believe we suffer from lack of pace and that this is part of the reason Ozil has trouble to impact games. You could see that the only guy with real pace, Ox, was our biggest threat.

      Arteta but also Giroud and Podolski lack pace and good luck trying to pass your way through 6 well organized defenders. You need guys like Theo or Ox or other true speedsters to get behind defenders so that guys like Ozil can open up defenses with forward passes instead of sideways passes.

      We were clearly better in the 2nd half IMO but I continue to wonder if Wenger doesn't play Flamini instead of Arteta because he wants to keep Flamini fit for the PL of because he does not see we are a better team with Flamini.

      Nevlille wrote a decent "defense" of Ozil's problems and I agree with a lot of the article.

      I feel semi good after the Bayern game, going into a stretch of difficult PL games.