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  • marc marc Nov 9, 2005 20:56 Flag


    I wonder if Chelsea have overdone it when it comes to buying players. If you were a high profile player would you move to Chelsea and try and force a first team place or would you go to Man U where you are virtually guarenteed one?
    And what happens when the need to play footbal overcomes the need to be well paid (as it often does) will we see Chelsea players heading for the door, jumping in their cars and heading for Manchester?

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    • That is exectly the point. Money can only get a club some of the way. Chelsea tried to buy a top money centre forward last summer and nobody wanted to come. Players like Crespo, Wright-P, Johnson, Robben etc may well want to go at the end of the season. But at least Chelsea have set up the best facilities in the country to home grow the players of the future, and do not wish to rely on the chequbook forever.