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  • DaveM DaveM May 19, 2006 16:27 Flag

    Leeds - Dirty Rotten Cheats?

    I am a neutral and watched the play-off between Leeds and Preston at Deepdale.

    I was appalled by the way Leeds played - they clearly came with the intention of kicking Preston off the pitch - and they nearly succeeded.

    Preston suffered one player with a broken leg and one player with a suspected fracutred cheekbone. In the meantime, Leeds picked up two red cards and six more yellows (all of which were deserved). "Idiot of the match" award must go to Cresswell who lasted less than 1/4 of the game before being dismissed. And does he play for? Leeds of course.

    The irony is, that although Leeds showed little real chance of scoring and benefitted from Preston mistakes to score two soft, skill-less goals.

    From what I saw of the other play-off then there can be no doubt that Watford are the team that deserve to be promoted. As for Leeds, playing like that they desrve to rot in the lower divisions for many years to come.