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  • kevin keegan was seen today at newcastle airport getting into a 4x4 with quinny.
    i now a lot of people will not like him as manager because of the #$%$ links but i think he could be the man we need he will attract star players and he plays very attacking and fun to watch stuff.
    all we have to do is forget that #$%$ link and back him if it comes of

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    • Is Keegan still pertinent in today's world of football ? He's like a bottle of wine that's gone stale. It's stayed on the shelf for far too long after it's been uncorked. Please tell me what he's done as of late that's worthy of this sort of speculation ?

      tophat/uk ....................

    • on the front page of the irish times newspaper this morning they say roy keane is up for the job . i hope for sunderlands sake that you are right horsebox12001 and quinn chooses kevin keegan . never mind #$%$ links or no #$%$ links ( i presume the #$%$ to which you refare is newcastle ) .
      as for roy keane i don't know if the english footie freaks are aware of a falling out roy keane had with mick mc carthy when he was manager of the irish team . keane was in saipan and refused to play siting the quality of the facilities as reason and in the end went home . quinn went to talk to him just before he left and apprently was snubbed ( quinn told the story himself on a irish tv talk show not long after the team returned form saipan ) . as far as i am aware the problems between the 2 were never sorted out .
      if keane is choosen first of all can he put his diferences with quinn behind him ? i don;t think he can , he has never been the type of player to forget a grudge so what would be different now . also can quinn stop him from storming off the second things don;t go in his favour ? again i don;t think so keane did it to the irish team so why not to sunderland ? also can you imagine 2 players falling out and keane being asked to sort it out he would be more likely to get involved in the fight .
      kevin keegan might storm out too of course , he has done it to most of the teams he has managed but i think you will have a btter quality manager with him then with roy keane . also roy keane is untried . he was an excellent player but that does'nt automatically garuntee a good manager .
      p.s i am sure someone will say to me o you only have a problem with keane because he left manchester united . thats not true. i am basing my opinion on what he was like when he played at old traford and with the irish national team not the fact that he left .