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  • CRAIG CRAIG Jul 6, 2007 17:39 Flag

    Tevez - What is the truth?????

    I note that again this morning, the issues over who really owns Carlos Tevez is still an issue, and may be a stumbling block over a prospective move to Man Utd, because it looks as though his rights may still be owned by a third party. Does this mean that the whole issue with Sheffield Utd is nothing more than a whitewash by the Premier League, and will the truth finally come out, now that the Blades are appealing to the High Court. If it is found that it has all been a sham, should Sheff Utd be reinstated and the Irons moved to the Championship at this late stage???? What does everybody think???

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    • I think this whol Tevez affair has become a joke and an embarasment for the stupid FA.I dont think sheffield will ever get reinstated and i dont think they should.You should of made sure of safetey yourselves anyway.But i think that this matter needs dealing with and i think the only solution would be to give West Ham a big points penalty,something like 20 points.
      Yet again though the FA have shown what an incompetant bunch of fools they really are and i bet if if a club like Sheffield or Watford had been in West Hams position the FA would have been harsher in their punishment.

    • The agent that is dealing with Tevez owns him, he is not owned by West Ham or any football club, he has no say in what team he plays for so what i cant understand is why its such a problem that Tevez is going to Utd, didn't Liverpool take Mascherano half way through last season and did anyone say anything about that?