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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 10, 2007 17:07 Flag

    Championship winners 2007/2008

    This season will actually be harder than any season i can remember, not becuase there are so many good teams, but becuase the standard has dropped so much that average teams (Colchester, Coventry, Sheff Wed)believe they have a chance at going up. For the record here's my top 6 and why: -

    1: Sheff Utd. Have kept core of prem team and have added some excellent signings.

    2: Wolves. Did amazing last year with young team which has now matured, have added more goalscoring threat.


    West Brom: Have replaced Prem players with Champ players but should have enough to get in top 6.

    Southampton: Best team I saw last year, were very unlucky to lose to derby in play-offs. Can they go one better this year?

    Leicester: New Owner, New Manager. They will either finish top 6 (My prediction) or will finish bottom 6. My heart says bottom my head says top!!!

    Charlton: Have got backbone of prem team, usually bad starters, If they get a flyer they could push top 2. Will more than likely have to settle for top 6.

    Don't ask me to put play-offs in order, I don't know!!

    As for winners of Play-offs. WEST BROM.

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    • I think lesta have no #$%$ chance in hell now they have sacked one of the best managers they have had since o'neill. Mandaric just wants a #$%$ yes man n allen wont give im that thats y he has sacked him. Mandaric may has well just have a coach and then manage the team himself :@

      i think crystal palace, norwich and plymouth will go up.

      and i hope leicester go down with watford and sheff utd. Just to prove to mandaric he has made the wrong choice