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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 9, 2008 17:52 Flag

    Championship winners 2007/2008

    What the hell are you on about! I dont recall any jealous and uncalled for remarks after the play-offs!
    And tell me who has seathed and spat that we could survive easily in the Prem! All I have heard from inside the albion is that the way we play at the moment should give us the best opportunity to survive - rather than the recent campains where we have tried to defend and nick a point from games!
    Thank you for wishing us 'good luck' and then hoping we get mauled and shafted each week!
    And as for you suggesting that we are not dominating and oozing classy football - just how many games have you seen us play! No team goes all season without losing, and no team has the given right to beat every team they play, but also you dont score over 100 goals in a season with creating lots of chances, and you only create lots of chances by DOMINATING games!!!!!!!

    Boing Boing!!!!!