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  • Erik Hartberg Erik Hartberg Feb 13, 2008 18:56 Flag

    Championship sides will struggle

    We see it every year. Teams get promoted from the Championship and then struggle in the Premier League.

    Ok, i know there's always a side that does surprisingly well. Look at Reading and Wigan in recent years. But Derby are clearly stuggling and Birmingham are only just clear from relegation. Sunderland shuld be safe but it hasn't been an easy ride for them.

    Is there anything that can be done to ease Championship teams into the Premier League or will it always be a struggle for promoted teams?

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    • How long before the Premier is franchised and promotion and relegation to and from the championship will be a thing of the past.

    • No where near enough funds in the Championship. There is a gulf between the top and middle of the Prem, let alone the gulf between the Prem and Championship. The money just isn't there to get the big name signings in. The quality of the football is notably lower, and despite some good showings in the cup every now and again, its still a world away.

      Without a multi-million pound TV deal to finance these clubs its never going to happen. The premier league teams need to provide more from their vast funds to help the lower clubs compete on some level of parity.

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      • Money is definitely a problem here but it is pretty hard to know what to do to improve the situation.

        Should Championship sides be given more money upon promotion? Or would that just increase the gulf further? It seems too predictible at the moment that Championship sides will not challenge Premier League sides enough...