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  • john john Feb 19, 2008 22:50 Flag

    neil warnock injury time goal

    I was at the game and the time wasting was an absolute disgrace. palace wasted time at every opportunity throughout the match. They took an eternity every time they had a corner/free kick/throw in and only got what they deserved.
    Although it must be very disapointing to concede in the dying seconds Mr Warnock should be more proffesional,grow up and accept it with dignity. Also he gave his goalkeeper a right bollocking at the final whistle, if it wasn't for him they would have lost, no question. Mr warnock has gone down in my estimation after last nights tantrum.

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    • As a baggies fan I did want Palace to win last night, but was chufffed when Bristol scored so late - if only to see Warnocks reaction! Cant stand the guy, and around here he is still regarded as a cheat after he got a game abandoned between us and Shef Utd. SU had had 3 players sent off, we were winning 3 0 then another 2 players fained injury to get the game abandoned. The guy is a disgrace to Proffesional Football and should have been kicked out the game! He is always quick to blame officials for his team losing!