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  • R R May 5, 2008 01:39 Flag

    The grass is always greener

    It was nice to see Leicester relegated today as Mr Holloway was apparently moving from Coronation street to Dallas.Now our ex-leader has found himself in Crossroads!! Good luck next season in the dungeon with your chairman breathing down your neck.By the way, Plymouth finished a respectable 10th.

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    • Whilst I understand your annoyance with Holloway leaving Plymouth the way he did,the same thing happened to Leicester several times. But its not Holloway but the Leicester fans who are really suffering right now. Holloway will probably move on leaving us to flounder in League 1. He will leave us with a huge squad, most of them average at best. We will lose our best players and be left with the dross that no-one wants. Its going to be a long road back, and we can do without other fans gloating. Have a go at Holloway by all means, but please, spare a thought for the long suffering Leicester fans.