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  • CRAIG CRAIG Sep 23, 2008 17:09 Flag

    What a mess!!!

    What do people think, if the reports are correct, and West Ham are to be hit with a £30m fine over the Tevez affair, and what does this judgement say about the hierarchy at the Premier League.
    This whole mess has dragged on for far too long.
    I am a wholehearted Blades fan, at the beginning, I felt honestly aggrieved, but accepted the arguement that we had not played well enough over the season to stay up. However, this was tempered by the obvious fact that West Ham had contravened Premier League rules over the signing of Tevez, and given the impact he had on their run in, felt that the club were right to make the challenge against West Ham. Maybe another player would have stepped up to the plate and dragged them out of the mire, but the fact is that Tevez was an illegal signing, and should not have been in the position he was to influence the outcome.
    The so called Independant Arbitration Committee that was set up, agreed that rules had been broken, but in only fining the Hammers £5.5m blatantly ignored the rights of Sheff Utd, and the monies they would lose through relegation, when the obvious course of action was to deny West Ham the points accrued when Tevez had played.
    I'm happy the whole affair appears to be coming to the end, but would rather have had more time in the Premier than the £30M.
    For the sake of top flight football in this country, lets hope that the next time that the Premier League are required to sort something out, that they have the bottle to do the right thing, rather than take the easy way out.

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    • I am in full agreement with your comments regarding the debacle with West Ham. However you have more faith than me that we will get the £30m.I am sure their lawyers will do everthing to sink the claim. Some new "Independant" tribunal will be elected with "Sir Trevor" in charge and come to some feeble ruling ....probably giving SUFC a fine for harrasment!!

    • im not a west ham fan but i think to deduct points from them would have been punishment for players of the club,including tevez , who achieved one of the great escapes , and it also would have been a tough punishment on the west ham fans, so instead of points deduction what the premier leugue should have had the balls to do was have relegation play of between the two teams would have given sheffield opportunity to stay up without people saying they were only in the premier league by default.