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  • kevin kevin Nov 2, 2008 10:28 Flag

    bristol city

    i have been a loyal bristol city fan for 30 years and i am a big fan of gary johnson, however i feel his achillies heel may be his son lee johnson, who looks massively out of his depth at this level, he seems to struggle in the middle of the park, he doesn't tackle, he can't go past players, he doesn't score and his only attribute seems to be to pass the ball about 3 or 4 yards square to him, our midfield, lacks because of this, it seems we can't score, despite having paid some money for some strikers and now taking stern john on loan..perhaps we can't score because we are not supplying the strikers with the ammunition to score!
    i would drop mcindoe, sproule and johnson and replace them with noble, trundle and williams

    any comments

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    • Take it you weren't at Reading on Saturday then - Feb 21 that is - I thought McIndoe and Sproule were outstanding?! That said had the accuracy of the crossing matched their pace we might have had more then 2 goals. The defence now picks itself I can't see how McCombe will get back in, glad to see we're back in the top 4 I agree we're not ripping up trees like last year and everyone's talking bout Cardiff's games in hand, but as far as I'm concerned they have to win them, Saturday v Blackpool is a must-win

    • I have supported City for over 40 years now and will continue until I die no doubt. However, I find it difficult to understand our striker problems. Looking at the statistics of shots on and off target we should be scoring an aful lot more goals. I reside in Southampton and rarely get to see the robins these days so from an outside perspective I can only comment about the obvious facts that statistics provide. I admire GJ and support what he is trying to do at City and this is not critisism but a fundemental desire to understand the problem.

      from match reports I am forever hearing about the exploits of Michael McIndoe, yet when you read the stats associated with him he wastes the majority of chances. So my question is this: Is his overall performance so good that we cannot do without him or should he make way for somebody that is more of a team player? Is he selfish or is he just not able to convert chances, forget Penalties as that has been dealt with? My other question is more about the need to sign Stern John on Loan. If he is the answer to our prayers, and during a poor season for Southampton last year still managed to score 20 FLC gaols why is he not starting all games?

      I pass these questions to all the fans and ask for their thoughts on this matter. My feeling is the midfield is not firing on all cylinders and not supply good ball to the forwards. Your replies please.

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      • we won tonight but we beat a poor coventry team who had a cup hangover and must hate the sight of us (12 points in 4 championship matches scoring 10 and conceding 1) but the truth is we are still poor in the middle of the park, lee johnson and mcindoe are the main problems, they both give the ball away far to often and lose possesion in dangerous areas, a better team would have punished us, mcindoe is a glory hunter and rarely passes and well i have said enough about lee johnson(managers son blah blah blah) he does seem a nice lad but i just don't think he is up to it...our midfield should be williams skuse elliot sproule, stern john had his best game tonight in a city shirt but i'm hoping we don't sign him

      • Steve; it's a case of a severe lack of quality within all areas of the team; I was there last night; minus 2 degrees and it was awful!

        If you also look at the statistics; how many times this season (With the exception of last night) have the Reds conceded goals in the first 15 minutes of a game (Forest; Palace; Birmingham, Reading, Wolves) .

        The highest levels of focus and concentration required is needed in the first and last 15 minutes of the first and second halves and when you have just scored (Ala last night).

        City switch off at key times and it's beginning to cost us.

        There are so many issues with the current City side and set up; that I could write several pages.

        It's going to be a long hard slog this season and Lansdown and Johnson need to bring in some quality if there are going to at least stay in the Championship this season.

    • Hi Guys

      Was at the match at selhurst park on saterday. I must admit we werent up to the task. I dont know what it is but we have lost that edge that we had last season maybe it began with nick carle moving on we do0nt have that midfield ace to run the play. Our defence was #$%$ no-one wanted to tackle or go after the ball come on lads earn the money you get. Have some guts and go for it starting with Watford tonight.

    • I agree, Lee Johnson has good aspects to his game, but is off tempo in the Championship. We need a stronger, more dynamic player, who will work well with Marvin.

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      • Hey come on lads. We beleive in our manager although we won on saterday we cannot have a go at our players after the disaater by reading weve come back and won away from home well done lads thats all we can ask for. Now maybe we can hit a bit of form of which we havent had yet to battle our way back up the table where we belong. I travel up to the midlands every day with work the lads around birmingham are worried about our team they know we havent been on form yet but were still in touch with the leaders and they are worried. So lets wish our boys well and get behind them. I would like to see Lee Trundle played from the start more though he is so good on the ball and a crusial player for us. Come on Gary get the players up for forest game we need another win good luck boys.