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  • MARK MARK Nov 11, 2008 04:46 Flag

    Donny Fan's Frustration

    When are we going to score,all strikers missing the target,if we go for new in january-who is available,some fans at home games shouting for o'driscoll to go,have you not forgot the last five years,our luck will change.
    What do you say ???????

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    • i agree that o driscoll should stay as hes brought such a fluid and beautiful play to our game but it seems that we are only half a team without Wellens. Everything goes through him. Not to mention how much we are missing Green, he and Stock got on like a house on fire now Brian almost seems lost without him. i cannot understand why Lewis Guy is still making the first team, hes still living off his two goals at the start of the season and i believe that Heffs or Elliott should take his place cause he is WAY out of his league. i hope he leaves in january that should give us some extra funds for someone decent even if it is on loan.

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      • Problem is with regard to loan striker.Would you,as a manager,want to loan out a striker that you've groomed to a team that play completely different to the way that you would want that striker to play.
        It could ruin everything that you've tried to achieve in training with that player !
        O'driscoll needs to adapt to playing his players to their strengths not his system,it's much too negative for me,too slow going forward !