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  • well here we go again wolves team losing the passion to win this league we need a central defender now and a midfield iron man some one to take controll b4 we blow it

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    • I agreee that Wolves need to get their minds back onto winning promotion. Looks like they have took their foot off the gas and as a result had a couple of blips. On the positive note we are still 2 points clear and if we win promotion by a single point i'd take that. Reading have always been a side we trip over ourselves and they seem to want to win more than us but we have more than just a chance to win promotion. You have compare our young side and what they have achieved since last season then look at Brum and Reading who thought they would walk this league?!?!??!.......Wolves are 2 points and 4 points clear need we say more.

    • Absolutely Spot On!!!