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  • Talby Talby Feb 1, 2010 10:39 Flag

    Who has the best fans in the league?

    CARDIFF CITY - and if they make the play offs the premiership will be s~~~~~~ themselves! Blue Army! Blue Army!

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    • Probably not Talby,in fact their more likely to be p1ssing themselves.................laughing at you and the rest of your ever so roughy toughy blue army .............Stupid boy. Are there many dynosaurs down there who still think that following a football team is all about a tear up with the opposition fans.It`s all very 1980`s. Oh sorry my mistake I forgot your from Wales,that probably explains everything.You should consider joining a boxing gym if it`s a fight you want..............but on second thoughts boxing is about 1 on 1 not 50 kicking the crap out of 5 or 6. Probably not suitable for a football hooligan !