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  • paul paul Nov 11, 2009 00:53 Flag

    Faking Injuries

    Am I alone in getting fed to the teeth watching 'prostrate' footballers (athletes) collapsing in agony just yards from the touchline. The Trainer comes on, treats the player on the pitch, walks him off and the referee almost instantly waves him back on. During that time my very expensive ticket money is being eroded!
    Here's a suggestion...1) Any player that requires treatment from the Trainer on the Pitch must leave the field of play for a minimum of 5 minutes to be supervised by the 4th official and can only return when the ball is next out of play.This will stop him play-acting.
    2) If said injury was caused by an offence which the referee deems cautionable then the opposing player must also leave the field for the same duration.This will eradicate the unfair advantage gained when a bad foul causing genuine injury, the injured player has to leave for treatment but the opposition have 11 men to carry on the fight!!
    Lots of people will think this is fantasy or playing with the rules but when your team are at home 1 down with 5/10 minutes to go don't tell me you don't get angry when it happens!!
    Come on you bigwigs sort it out!!!

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    • Yes totally agree with the five min rule for the clowns who do it for time wasting,ther would be a notible diffrence in people time wasting.

    • I wholly agree with the comments made on "faking injuries".
      Might I make another suggestion. I do get angry, when with the 90 minutes gone, managers start making totally unnecessary substitutions just to waste time. If the player is on the far side of the pitch, he can take at least a minute to jog wearily off the pitch. I currently live in Spain and I watched a match recently when, with 30 seconds to go the manager made a switch, the player jogged on to the pitch and the ref blew for full time. Farcical. I suggest when 90 minutes are up, NO MORE SUBSTITUTIONS, unless for an injury.