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  • RJ83 RJ83 Aug 18, 2010 18:46 Flag

    Craig Bellamy

    I think Cardiff are primed for a promotion push. Certainly made the additions to the squad that should see them finish in the play offs once again.

    The difference between the signing of Bellamy and that of Fowler Hasselbaink is that Bellamy is not on the downgrade and coming to the end of his career.

    Was reading this earlier, http://www.betting-directory.com/football/17082010/cardiff-and-bellamy-odds-shorten-following-season-loan.php, looks like bookies are also of the opinion that good things are on the horizon for the Bluebirds.

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    • Yes Bellamy is a good signing for Cardiff. But on a downside how can a club with financial difficulties such as Cardiff afford 20k a week in wages for him? And especially when they owe Motherwell 175k for Paul Quinn, surely this debt should be paid before they sign somebody on such a high wage?? The latest news is that the Football League will block Bellamy's registration untill Cardiff show they can afford to pay Motherwell & Bellamy. In the light of Pompey's problem i think that the Football League have evey right to block this given Cardiffs apparent inability to sort out there financial problems

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      • 97% of clubs are in bedt so why shouldnt cardiff sign bellamy...we can affoed the money thats not a problem....look at pompey...in bebt for millions and still allowed to trade.....fare is fare...city will be going up this season so all u little idiots who are crying coz cardiff signrd bellamy and u aint.....geolousy.....bye bye championship......should gone up last year....

      • I hear what people are saying about the bellamy transfer and the high wage and cardiff debts but just a couple of points does anybody ask about your wages that you get paid for working in your job after all football is a business now not a sport there are a lot of company struggling to pay wages and to stay afloat these days who own money to other people for goods this being the same as in football as the players become the goods on another point make you wonder about the management team for the new company as they would of known of the debts cardiff had when they looked at buying the club from the books and if they truely had the money they seem to be boasting about then why not clear all the debts in one go and not let these things drag on on another point if these debts were hidden by the previous regime Mr ridsdale then he should either be forced to pay them back himself or pay back the investment money the new board paid for the club because its fraud and also they have been mis sold the club