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    queens park rangers

    i have supported QPR for 61 years now,over the last two seasons i have given them some stick via this media.but this could just be our season i could not in my wildest dreams think that Mr Warnock could get QPR to play like the Great QPR sides off the past well done to the team and all the back room staff,keep it up and next season the Premier league will be your new play ground,

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    • Warnock is a very underestimated manager because he's never been with a high profile team. As a Sheffield United fan I wish he had never left. He consistantly put together promotion challenges for the Blades year in and year out with acceptable to mediocre teams. He was a great motivator who got the most outo of his players. Look how many players under Warnock excelled but have failed to light up teams they've gone to. Michael Brown and Michael Tonge are the best examples of this. Consistently great with Warnock, Brown knocked in 15-20 goals a season and terrorized every team we played. Tonge provided goals, set piece threats and plagued teams down the flanks. The only kid from Warnock's golden era who went on to be a big success elsewhere was Jagielka.
      I also got to see Warnock up close on the touchline and see him interact with his players as I was frequently placed around the dugout with security detail. He had a great relationship with his players and that helped when he was scolding them for not picking up their man or making wayward passes. The man to man relationship he built with ever guy there was awesome and they took criticism well and wanted to improve and please him rather than sulk at being told off. To bring the best out of middle of the road guys like Gus Uhlenbeek, Rob Kozluk, George Santos and Paul Peschisolido takes a good deal of skill and tact and technical know how.
      Long live the Warnock, keep reigning over the incompitents and give those refs what they deserve.

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