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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 8, 2010 04:19 Flag


    boro could easily go down another division this season. the strachan cavalcade has hit the skids and it`s all down to the manager, he was a disaster at celtic and 95% of the fans did not want him at the club at the start and at the end of his reign 100% wanted him out. robson & mcdonald were good signings for boro but boyd is a lazy overweight hanger on. when boyd played in glasgow he was the same, he hardly moved during a game and many of his goals were tap-ins or penalties. mcmanus can`t jump or win a header, thompson is injury prone and soft. the boro board have to get strachan to #$%$

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    • If I was a middlesborough fan I wanna consider supporting another team as I just seen an appointment of another no hoper Tony Mowbray named as manager or would I consider getting a consortium together to oust the current board prob be the latter to stop this happening again and again