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    This little smart #$%$ from edinburgh turned celtic into a circus with his ridiculous press conferences, signings and player management. The same is happening at boro and the sooner he gets the boot the sooner boro can reverse the decline they are in. He signed duds for celtic and with some help from mowbray the club was brought to it`s knees, he`s doing the same on teeside. If i was a boro supporter i would be extremely worried.

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    • southgate must be laughing his head off now with whats going on there he was sacked being 1 point off the top of the table at the time then he gets replaced with strachen and it goes pear shaped. ok he got them relegated to the chamionship but look at how long he kept then in the prem sad days for the boro even worse seeing their rivals go up. I think they going to do a leeds and go down a couple of divisions before he gets the sack. Also im suprised southgate not taken over another team in the lower divisions

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      • boro could easily go down another division this season. the strachan cavalcade has hit the skids and it`s all down to the manager, he was a disaster at celtic and 95% of the fans did not want him at the club at the start and at the end of his reign 100% wanted him out. robson & mcdonald were good signings for boro but boyd is a lazy overweight hanger on. when boyd played in glasgow he was the same, he hardly moved during a game and many of his goals were tap-ins or penalties. mcmanus can`t jump or win a header, thompson is injury prone and soft. the boro board have to get strachan to #$%$