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  • look where NEIL's team are now?? with our trusted keeper, and look where we are after 2.5 seasons after he left?
    WE NEED ANOTHER WARNOCK OR HARRY BASSETT NOW!! to save us from joining the other team in sheffield lower down the league

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    • That was the thinking behind hiring Adams, another passionate Blade pulling the strings. Sadly it isn't working. I don't think it's Adams' fault though, I think it's a pretty lousy team coupled with whatever training methods are being applied that injure everyone. Never in my life have I seen the type of injury list we've had the last 3 years. Most of the squad each week are pieced together from loans or players playing out of position and simply not being good enough there. Since Beattie left there's been nobody to fill the goal scoring gap on a consistent basis. Nobody has replaced Kenny. The defence is either injured or pieced together awefully. There simply aren't enough quality players in the squad.

    • As a Cardiff fan I would love to see Warnock incharge of Cardiff, I think that all his sides are hard to beat he installs passion in his team and always has a good defence which is what we lack this season and last just look at what he did at Sheffield he was robbed of a place in the prem by the mancs playing a wrong player but nothing was done about it in my opinion. As for Blackwell and Sheffield I hope he stays there as easy 3 points lol.