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  • Paul Wilson Paul Wilson Mar 21, 2011 22:24 Flag

    Taarabt QPR

    Taarabt in the Premier League, asset or liability?

    I guess it could go either way but I suspect his temper may get the better of him and rather than bringing out his undoubted unique talents he will spend most of the time being red carded. Established PL defenders will not want to see this upstart making a fool of them so the boots will be out for him.

    To get the best out of him QPR need to spend big next year and give him other quality strikers to work with.

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    • After watching him tonight against NewCastle then he is an asset to QPR

      Performed cutting edge threw balls and pulled tricks out of no were.

      For all know Warnock comments on him being a hard player to coach but he can turn a game on its head with a trick all a good pass