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  • debi_doob debi_doob Jul 7, 2005 17:07 Flag

    Msg for Martin O neill

    Jus found these boards right am a diehard rangers fan always supported them. since a was a kid I always wanted them 2 win.

    Y the #$%$ is nothin wrote on this page?????

    But seriously a jus wana write that martin is a top dude an a really respect him 4 leavin 2 b with his wife but there so many sick celtic fans that were slaggin him when he first announced it. wats that all about???

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    • As an Old Firm supporter you should be aware that there's sick folk on either side of the divide. Remember the abuse some sections of the Gers' support gave Big Eck after going out of Europe before Xmas. Nevertheless, I applaud your sentiments for Martin and his wife. Lets also hope that we have another season like last, going right down to the wire again, although I hope we don't throw it away this time. Hope all Scottish teams do well in Europe but particularly the Old Firm! I am Glaswegian after all.