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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 10, 2006 00:58 Flag

    Where are the glory hunters?

    Where are all the tossers who used to shout "hello" every chance they got while the bigots were buying 9 in row? Just where have they gone? I can't find them anywhere. Anyway, I just console myself thinking of the billions they all lost achieving a big feck-all! David Murray, I know he's still rich, but wasn't it lovely seeing him lose 11 mil in a oner. Still he's not stupid - he just passed the loss on to the blind half-wit bigots! Eat that you shower of shate.

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    • You'll never find them now. What a result for the ex-Hibee. How long before Aberdeen leap frog them into 2nd? Maybe this weekend. They were played off the park by Hibs in Edinburgh - wait till their own fans start getting on to them on Saturday when they go a goal down. That's if any of them stay long enough! Spend millions and they're still #$%$