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  • As a Rangers Fan the news of Barry Ferguson being dropped after an argument with paul who ever has completly p***ed me of. This player has done everthing for the club as for the manager he is a waste of time what are the rangers board going to do about this they do not seem to be interested if it was anybody else they would have been sacked by now should have stuck with ALEX McLEISH

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    • loyal ? 'cough' BLACKBURN 'cough' MONEY 'cough'

    • That player has brought RANGERS right down rangers should never brought him bach Rangers are bigger than ferguson
      I've follow'd rangers man and boy for 61 years I've seen the lows No NO NO to walter smith Get Big Tel

    • Hearts and Rangers neck and neck in the laughing stock leaugue as well as the SPL. Can it get better? I can only hope. What was it David Murray said all those years ago abou if they didn't win a Euro trophy by 2001 then he'd have failed? Well, not that they ever came close, but how much further on are they now?
      Haha, haha......

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      • Yuk it up angusmanny, but the hierarchy at Parkhead are undoubtedly a lot more concerned with the Rangers' predicament than idiotic #$%$ like you. Anyone with even half a brain knows that the Old Firm live off each other and it's not in anyone's interest for one or the other to struggle for any great length of time. Naturally, both would love to rack up 9 (or 10) league titles on the trot as often as possible and outdo the 'other lot' regularly, but only on the basis that as many teams as possible remain as competitive as possible. True football fans with the good of Scottish football at heart, cannot be happy with the current state of affairs at either Ibrox or Tynecastle. Only those with narrow minds and tunnel vision think otherwise.