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  • JOSEPH JOSEPH Mar 22, 2007 04:47 Flag

    a predicament !

    being a "tim" i'm in a bit of a predicament regarding your recent trip in europe.with uefa ready to fine or possibly ban you from europe you would think i would be over the moon but i'm not.my problem you see is with uefa double standards.the spanish police are "heavy handed"at the best of times,by this i'm referring to our visit to celta vigo where these so called police decided to hit anyone within striking distance while we waited to check out at the airport.also italian teams bribe the refs so the italian f.a.throw them out serie a.the teams appeal and they get back in but with points deducted.they then throw ac milan out of europe who appeal again and get back in.other italian fans riot with police,killing a cop so they close serie a for 1 week.then they play a european tie by telling uefa they have installed new "turnstiles".which didnt even work.yet these same people want to condemn rangers for "singing songs".reeks of double standards if you ask me.