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  • kennel kennel May 10, 2007 20:14 Flag

    The last 7 years

    i was trying to work out which team is best in scotland

    although it pains me to say it rangers are a bigger club with more trophies but since MON took over at celtic 7 years ago i think the ballence has swung in celtic favour

    i can admit that when souness and smith won 9 in a row and big #$%$ won it as well rangers we by far the better team, even when jansen stopped rangers 10 in a row, rangers we still the better team

    so my question is this - has the ballence swung in celtics favour, 5 out of 7 league winners (by a big points difference) only losing it twice on the last day of the season

    is the ballence of power on the greener side of glasgow?