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  • jake S jake S Feb 5, 2008 00:10 Flag

    Who said "If they spend a fiver, we'll....."?

    Rangers may have been IN it, but challenging? Come on, best they've done is made up the numbers - or didn't you watch them against Barcelona?
    Rangers' level of "success" or "challenging" means still having a game after Christmas.
    Now you thicko, where have I mentioned Celtic? Can you read or do you just have a stock answer to everything, "Duh...what about them...?"
    Admittedly I don't have as much DISLIKE for them as I do for you lot, but you won't catch me "supporting" them.
    Which puts 90% of what you wrote in the bin.
    Learn to read and if you're replying to me try and stick to the thread topic - which in this case is about Murray's boasts.
    Now if you want to talk about Celtic try at least make it relative to the topic, ie, comparing BOASTS made by Celtic about winning the European Cup....oh that's right, they HAVE won it, whereas Rangers have not and never will.
    Here endeth today's writing lesson for dopes.