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  • jake S jake S Jan 30, 2008 03:15 Flag

    Who said "If they spend a fiver, we'll....."?

    "....spend a tenner.
    Sir Minty Moonbeams.
    Well, David, Celtic have just spent a fiver, (metaphorically), so where's the tenner?
    Where are the new players?
    Or is it now a level playing field on the transfer front?
    (Forgetting about the fortune being lost daily on the debt interest.)
    Or are you selling the family silver, (Mutton), to cover this?

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    • Aberdeen still in it - while the Huns are in oblivion.

    • Nah, just getting a laugh out of how Aberdeen generally seem to put a spoke in the Hun's wheels!

    • Na I have not seen it yet.

      But are you trying to tell me and everyone else that a profesional football team were not trying 100%?????

    • You're right, slipped up.
      So I've started a new thread covering the same subject on the Rangers board to keep you happy.
      Replies and contributions welcome - though please concentrate and try and stick to topic.
      Relevant contributions only.

      By the way, it was nice to see all these nice Rangers fans supporting the provincial team on Sunday against Celtic.
      It's amazing how they'll accept help from any quarter these days.
      You don't think Mackie missed these chances by accident do you?
      The ref couldn't help Rangers much as he tried - even though the Aberdeen players were desparate to give away penalties - he just wouldn't give them.
      Didn't you see how "sheepish" the Aberdeen players looked when Hesselink wasn't given a penalty for a full rugby bear-hug to the ground?
      They were trying for six!

    • quote from cockjocky3
      " why do want to talk about Aberdeen on a Rangers board?"

      Eh wee man Why did you start a thread entitled Rangers buying power on the Aberdeen board.
      I thought you only want to talk about Aberdeen on the Aberdeen board.

      Dirty lying twofaced #$%$

    • Hey I can now see why you were embarrassed
      to tell me the team you supported rofpmsl
      ABERDEEN I should have fraging known you sheepshagging bampot that you are. What are you only FIFTH just now are you. What a whole 20 points behind Rangers? I think your team will be lucky to make the top 6 for the split. lol.
      Away you go back to 1984 pal.

    • You've got ME stuttering as well now....

      Bad luck MacGregor - imagine not being able to scythe attacking layers down outside the box - what's the point of appealing if you can't do a natural thing like that.........

      Anyway, heard the news? Murray's that keen to get shot of your top scorer he tried to hide the fact that he played 2 games for Lens as opposed to one....ah well, maybe FIFA's as gullible as he thinks....

    • I did realise that my level of debate would be above the intelligence of the average rangers supporter.
      Stick to stupid, foul-mouthed one-liners as I note is your normal contribution.

    • I did not even read past the first line.

      Please do not send another message aimed at me.

      If you are so embarased with your own team that you can not put it on here then then it is a very sad day.

      Now run along.

    • My football team is irrelevant.
      (That means it doen't relate to anything on this thread. More lessons.)
      Since you are so keen on comparisons to Celtic though, let's take the most recent.
      In the transfer window Celtic unquestionably strengthened, while Rangers, who lead the league by four points, sold their Player of the Year candidate, (Mutton), and placed their top scorer (Cousin), in the football equivalent of purgatory, awaiting the intercession of a higher power to move him on to the next place.
      A few days later, Celtic scored five goals for the first time since 15 September and Rangers failed to score against domestic opposition for the first time since 6 October, almost four months ago.
      Meanwhile Sir David Murray and Walter Smith had a mini-break in Italy, timed to avoid the last minute transfer window stresses.
      They didn't take anything back for their long-suffering fans either.
      Now, where is all this heading?
      All part of the master plan?

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