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  • Good lord it sems the scotish refs have carryed on as they did last year, some of the calls they have come out with over the last fortnight have been truly hidious. And before anyone come's out and says this is a rangers fan saying its all going celtics way it's not. I actualy think one of the most done clubs has been dunde united and ball last week penalty yesterday having wached the games from all the clubs i think their demands for pay rises are nuts they should all go to specsavers and not ust wear there patch. does anyone else think this?

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    • Completely agree with you Craig but as a hun/tim/weegie you have no grounds to complain about refs. WHY? I hear you ask. Well how many times have you guys had very dodgy decisions go your way? Kyriakos goes down like he's been shot in the box at Tynecastle after a challenge by MIKOLUNAS, linesman (Rangers fan) gives a penalty, Rangers win 2-1 and win the league on goal difference, hmm.
      Hearts V Celtic on new years day 2-1 up against the tattie munchers with 10 mins to go, Malloney goes one on one with Fyssas, Takis takes the ball, Malloney dives over his leg NO contact, Fyssas is sent off, Micks win 3-2.
      Every team in Scotland has had a really #$%$ deal off of the refs except "The Old Firm" so quit whinning and do what we do. GET ON WITH IT!

    • OMG what can I say. I know what I want to say. refs are masons eh NO I think there are now all from the Vatican lol. Celtic are sure getting the luck at the mo. Penalty against St. Mirren, 3 penalty calls for Dundee Utd all ignored I can understand 2 of them but 1 was blatent. Now Rangers punished with a perfectly good goal ruled offside. I don't know. I know it all should balances out. But can someone tell me when we can get some. I know we had DUFC complaining about the league cup final and the league game I do kinda agree about the league game we did get a bit more luck with the descions. But really when else did it go our way.