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    i would like to see the rangers fans who displayed the banner about murray thrown out of ibrox they dont deserve to be there as supporters to the club,i feel they have not got a clue whats going on and just seem to jump their guns if they not happy then stay away from future games instead of trying to distract the whole team altogether so stand up and have a good think about it if you want to win the league.

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    • If the so-called Rangers supporters who showed the Banner saying Murray should go then they are NOT TRUE SUPPORTERS of this great Club. The Club is very lucky to have Mr David Murray as their Chairman. As soon as there is any little blip that these people don't like they get on their High Horse and display dispicable banners for all and sundry to view. I have no doubt that the Rival Teams of Rangers will be laughing their heads off at the stupidity of a FEW so-called "fans" of Rangers.

      Can you NOT get it into your thick heads what a disservice you are doing to the Rangers Football Club and team and genuine supporters as a whole?......No, didn't think you did. Furthermore, I don't think you care,

      Mind you, you lot just might be Celtic supporters in disguise...did that not strike a chord with you?

      So, EVERYONE of you genuine supporters, get behind the TEAM, get behind the MANAGER and his staff, and GET BEHIND MR DAVID MURRAY. and get rid of these idiots with their stupid banners once and for all. We can do without them!

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      • While I don't totally agree with the banner that was displayed about Murray I think we should remember that people should be aloud to peacefully protest if they want, if you dont agree with them fine and you have as much right to come on this message borad and disagree with them as they have to unfurl a banner at a match.

        However lets be honest here there is something seriously wrong at the club right now and we have to ask ourselves as fans that care about the club what do we do, ignore it? or ask ourselves where exactly does the buck stop is at the managers door or Murrays door? because I know one thing for sure the debt, the proposed player sales, the crashing out the champions league and the lack of a league title for nearly 4 years ( more than a blip as has been suggested) is not the fault of a minority who unfurled a banner in Perth.