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  • T MACALLISTER T MACALLISTER Sep 18, 2011 11:02 Flag

    Martn Bain

    Bain was the chief excexutive, Murrays right hand man he ran the show and is equally to blame along with board members of the old regime for the disgusting state rangers are in,no excuses can be put forward for any of them.It is absolutely ubsurd that Bain now has had solicitors involved in freezing 400 thousand pounds incase the rangers loose their case with Tax man---.there is something radically wrong with the judicial system when a judge comes out in favour of a man who was a major part of the rangers debts .and has to appear in court to answer to RANGERS sacking him and accusing him of overpaying and abusing the postion he held with big money with drawall, why did the judge not say when you appear to answer charge against you by rangers then come back to this court as right now, you being part of old board who are the people who landed the club in debt and you cannot absolve yourself from it or try to recover money toy were guilty of overspending, Craig whyte should be applauded for settling the bankers debt again bain waqs part of that---whyte says even if taxcase goes against them rangers will still be there again bain involved with old board---now poor Ally mcoist has to make do Rangers are now no better (RICHER) than any other club in spl Celtic are top richest so Mcoist has to battle with hand tied behind his back . because MURRAY AND BAIN AND OLD BOARD DESTROYED THE RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB

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