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  • angus angus Apr 28, 2012 17:58 Flag


    I can't understand what the problem is? Rangers football club has been found guilty of cheating what's too difficult to understand. It doesn't matter what the fans think, I would have had some sympathy with the fans if it hadn't been for all this commotion and finger pointing trying to blame others etc. Mr McCoist should now be at a police station in Glasgow being charged for incitement for what he said on RTV. Even Mr Smith has got in on the act. When a club thinks it's bigger than the league or the association then they are in serious trouble. The SFA and the SPL cannot condone what is happening, more have to be punished, McCoist should be banned from football for 5 years. I'm fed up with all the rubbish and venom that is being spouted by the rangers supporters it's time they should have a reality check. As for Mr McCoist he should have stayed with a Question of Sport.