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  • Seb Seb Apr 11, 2006 23:50 Flag

    Why did we sell Eyal Berkovic??

    I was a big fan at the time but time (like many things) helps your forget the things you used to like. I am currently half way through a City Season Review DVD from 2002/3 season and it reminded me of the absolute genius that was Berkovic, every pass was superb, his control was second to not unlike most of the City legends he only seemed to play brillintly for City, whats happened to him now? Where is he?? And WHY oh why did we sell him? Or have I also forgotton a big tragic story? Please, someone, fill me in??

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    • it was keegan definelty they didnt get on so he sold him which i reckon was a bit #$%$, its like the rags fergie selling staam and beckham cause he didnt like them two of the red #$%$ biggest mistakes, thats what city are missing someone creative in the midfield