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  • me me Aug 24, 2006 07:06 Flag

    Thatcher should get ban and fined!!!

    Surely Ben Thatcher must get at least a three month ban and a hefty fine for what was a horrific foul on Pedro Mendes.

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    • I think this is all getting a bit too hyped now: Thatcher made a wrong judgement.....It happens.........Get over it: It's not like the lad stayed in hospital is it: He'll be back playing again soon....

    • Yeah o.k Thatcher cocked up a little, but don't hang him out to dry for it, all players get frustrated sometimes and have a bad day: I am sure that Thatcher had no intention of taking Mendes out of the game, think he may have wanted him off the ball but not on the touchline out cold. Just think this was a tackle that was a little over zealous and that's all it was........I think that sometimes you guys could use a guy like Thatcher in your England squad, you know someone with a bit of backbone that's not scared to go in for a challenge and mix it up a little....This is a guy who obviously believes in the football he plays and a good player with passion is better that a great player who lax hert

    • The FA have stated that they are going to look into the challenge despite the fact that the Referee yellow carded Thatcher.

      Greater Manchester Police have also released a statement which advises they will also be looking into the situation.

    • Oh come on, it wasn't that bad: I think Pedro made quite a lot out of it and the Lad thatcher was only going for the ball before slipping in to Mendes........Yep he deserved the yellow and maybe a bit of a slapped wrist from Pearce, but accidents happen don't they and even though the replays show him going in with the elbow, I think it was a slip.....And it's not as if Harry Rednose hasn't got any other players he can use in that position is it....Get over it and lets just put this down to a learning curve the lad has to go through.......

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      • You are an absolute complete and utter fucking moron. Mendes suffered a fit on the touchline after that challenge and you reckon he made alot out of it.

        There has been alot of talk about this challenge and you are the only loser who seems to think he went for the ball.

        It doesn't mattter if Harry's got 500 players or 5, Mendes could have suffered permanent injury from that challenge (see ealrlier post). Try telling that lady whose husband has brian damage to get over it and move on, just put it down to a learning curve. Dickhead.

        Oh yeah what about the guy who had a punctured lung from Thatcher during a pre season game... was that part of his learning curve as well???

      • I trust this response is a joke... if so a very sick one, every impartial viewer you speak to will tell you this was firstly deliberate and secondly so dangerous as to be life threatening (mendes even had a fit on the floor after the elbow at full pelt went in). This is not the kind of issue to make jokes over. It would not have surprised me if Mendes was very very badly injured, I only hope for his sake he isn't as it will ruin his career and if so should see Thatcher in jail for GBH.

    • I'm an Arsenal fan, I watched the game and I think sometimes when tackles come in they are mistimed but not intentional... however in this case its pretty clear form whatever angle you look at it that Thatcher cam steaming in with no control, made absolutely no atampt to get ball and went for the man, it would have been a full body check except that he swung through at the guys head catching him in the face with his elbow... looked like he knocked him out and I would not be surprised if he is out for a while with concussion.... it could have been worse witht he power he must have generated into that blow. For me this is a minimum three month ban but personally I would like to see him out for life.. he could have killed the guy. I have nothing against city or city fans and would expect any decent ones to have the same point of view.

    • thatcher has no right to be playing top flight football my husband is brain injured from a knock to the head. He should take no part in football at any level. Hes a disgrace. Stuart Pearce sort him out, your not frightened of bully boys.

    • tricks learnt at wimbledon no doubt.it's no less than GBH.he should be charged by the police for a tackle like that.Stuart Pearce was always a 110% tackler but always fair(nearly!!,and he should step in ahead of the FA and do something about this.I'm a gooner and hold no animosity to Man City but bottom line the tackle was a disgrace

    • Dirty fucking scumbag.

      Keano got a 10 game ban for the challenge on Haaland, this was as bad, if not worse, he has to get at least what Keane got.

      If not, it shows just how bad the FA are.