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    Is Man City the new Blackburn?

    Is Man City the new Blackburn?

    How is being elbowed in the face and being knocked unconscious on a pavement on a Saturday night any different to it happening on a football pitch in front of millions of viewers?

    Questions need to be asked as to why Ben Thatcher has not been sacked and why the football club is harbouring someone who committed a criminal offence. It sends the wrong message out to people and the fact that Ben Thatcher is still employed by Man City clearly shows that Man City condone violence and this kind of behaviour.

    Violence and thuggery needs to be stamped out of football and Man City are harbouring someone who should be sacked and charged for his actions.

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    • It was a bad foul, but I've had worse done to me.

      It happened in an instant. wasn't premeditated, caused no lasting damage and we are talking about a person's livelyhood.

      You'd feint if you had to go and watch the big boys play rugby.

      Tarts like you should stick to watching netball. But you can't watch that from your arm chair, can you?

    • Nice little sermon you've written here. You sound like the White House press secretary with all the hyperbolic moralizing. Hatcher has been punished in an appropriate manner, and still faces FA action. Man City have been widely praised for the way we handled the affair. There is little more a club could be expected to do in this situation.

      I personally think Hatcher is a mediocre player who commits costly fouls. That's the reason why he should be sacked. I was disgusted by the attack, as were most City supporters. Is affected moral indignation a hobby of yours?

    • What a load of #$%$ you do talk. If you see anything at all, it is that most City fans are incensed at what Thatcher did. He`s been fined and there are possible further actions in the pipeline. If he #$%$ up again, he`ll have to go and he knows it. What about John Hartson when he was filmed booting a team mate in the face during training. Did he get sacked? No! What about Roy Keane writing off a city player, ending his playing career and then admitting in his book that it had been intentional. Not a whimper from the Man U management. What about Cantona flinging himself boots first into the crowd. Anything happen there? Jack #$%$ was done. At least SP has given him a cracking fine plus a big suspension. Get real mate.

    • you are obviosly a brainless #$%$ Man United fan no doubt.

    • It is true that Ben Thachers actions were indeed of the worst kind and does not have a place in football or any other sport and yes he shoud and probably will face criminal charges by the police. Man City have done what any other club would have done a large fine but to say that Man City as a club condone violence is wrong, if every club sacked players who face criminal charges there would be a lot of clubs sort of players and punished for the players actions, if the ploice press criminal charges Ben Thacher will have to pay the price for his actions as it was not Man City management who instructed him to do it.