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    new striker

    so stu is going for another striker which i think is a big mistake if were not getting balls into the area it doesnt matter if we got henry we still wouldnt get goals i think we should be concentrating on the wide men concentrate on getting the balls in before blaming the strikers, what do you guys think?

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    • isnt nery castillo going to be signed up?

    • we really need a new striker! may also get the rest of our forwards to start scoring.

    • A striker does not just exist in the box. They pick the ball up outside the area as well. A striker is definitely needed, as the only people who can score are midfielders! With Samaras and Corradi we may as well not bother and just play 6 midfielders!

    • City DO need new strikers....Samaras is good but has not lived up to expectations, (lacking in effort, technique and service), and of course not generally getting onto the field of play until late on! Corradi (apart from his goal against Portsmouth) has been a total waste of space on the teamsheet. Vassel is never going to be prolific.....so where are the goals going to come from???? Certainly not from the above...so time to buy some quality!

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      • I agree with JP80. I believe that since SWP left, we havn't had any one that can make things happen. We need to look at the midfield and the service it's giving to the front men. Tail end of last season Samaras was looking great a real bargain. Corradi hasn't had the service. Both strikers are now lacking confidence as a result. As for new strikers .... where is the money going to come from to buy any one decent and pay their wages. Were skint ..... god knows why, but we are. Whilst the team is playing the poor / un-entertaining rubbish that we have been whitnessing most of this season the crowds are going to keep on reducing and the situation is going to get worse.
        It needs the directors of the club to dig deep and give us a team to be proud of again .... sooner rather than later.

    • I think we desperately need a new striker, certainly more than any other position, we have no pace up front other than Vassell and he needs 5 chances to put the ball in the net. Samaras is going to be quality long term but needs to get more physical. With the budget we have I think Collins John would of been ideal or maybe a Freddy Eastwood for example. It can't help that Pearce has become distracted by the U21 thing over the last week or so when he should of been concentrating all his efforts on getting the so desperately needed striker in. As for the rest of the team I don't think we are far away. Weaver is class at the moment. The centre backs compliment each other well and Micah Richards is just going to keep improving. Onuoha is by far the best player at the club he just has the problem with injuries. Perhaps the best thing would be to blood Daniel Sturridge up front and give Miller a consistent run in the team as well. What Ive heard is that external debt at the club is down to 19mill with a further 20mill to the chairman so with a reduced wage bill and further prudence this can be eliminated fairly quickly obviously providing we stay in the prem.

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      • How much would it cost to get Dikovs spine removed and placed into Samaras? (no offence to PD..he has already earned his bag full of repect).
        I like some of the things Samaras does...but he just doesnt look like he is putting his all for the team in out on the pitch.
        A forward going player that can help out in the box...like Sibierski you mean!!
        Just read about Nedums newest injury...feel sorry for the lad..
        When the opposing manager sees our teamsheet..who does he have to plan for, tweak tactics to counter...er Barton and thats it "Bartons playing...just kick him a few times and that will create some space in midfield"
        I dont want a Collin John up front...i want someone that causes the defence problems.....at the moment all they have to do is put thier foot out!

    • i do agree with you there, but we are lacking all over at the moment, nicky drop is still making howlers, the two big men in defence can't play a full game without lossing concentration, maybe a wide player would give us more attacking options than just another striker starved of service. i cant see where we are going to end up this season, something needs sorting and i still think stu is the man for the job