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  • Well today showed the world what a bunch of thugs Man City are, Michael Ball's stamp on Ronaldo was a cowardly act, and with any luck the FA will get involved.

    So with Joey Barton hitting the headlines and now Michael Ball how long till we see the city shirt with ASBO across the chest ?

    If it wasn't for a team like Manchester United i would be ashamed to be a Mancunian.

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    • Suffice to say Bitter John, you are completely


    • Glynn Pardoe, Colin Bell, and Alfie Harland, so dont whinge and whine about the Portugese scroat

    • We're not allowed to have ASBO across our shirts cos Roy Keane has the copyright on it.
      One goal (enough to win it) and that was a penalty, you didn't score from freeplay so what? Vassel misses a penalty but that sums up our season. You won the title cos Chelski didn't beat Arsenal. You saying you won it cos you beat us is like me saying that the Denis Law back kick relegated Man Ure. Both statements are untrue.
      By the way, did you come on this board and slag Keano off when he ended another players career?
      Thought not.

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      • The thing is Keano didn't end that players career, playing for a #$%$ team like City did.

        Still you haven't finished the season with nothing, 10 goals at home all season must make the price of a season ticket seem like a bargain lol,, are the F.A. gonna give City a trophy for it, maybe in the shape of a big target or a compass so your players have an idea of where to kick the ball.

        But it's all ok, you will blame everything on Pearce like you did on his predecessors, if you ask me it's all the fault of the fans, you expect too much from what is basically a Coca Cola club at best,, you know what they say about polishing a turd !

        I feel sorry for Pearce, still he knew when he took the u21 job that City were a sinking ship.

        Still relegation next season is definitely on the cards with the mass exodus this summer. Micah is welcome to come and play for a real team.

    • A total disgrace to the word "football", and what a shame that Man Utd has to be in the same city. It is highly possible that the team of Man City is formed by a group of psychiatric.

    • Rich words coming from a 'fan' of a club which holds Mr Roy Keane in the highest regard.

      Fkin muppet - fk off bak to yer Swamp.

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      • You are just a bunch of talentless, brainless bedwetting nomarks, you have nothing and your manager has the gaul to say Ronaldo went down easily after having his right leg hacked from under him suppose Balls swan dive showed just how hard you have to practice diving, stamping it's the only thing Citeh do well. Back to the land of trophyless mediocrity you waste of space bit sad when your club has to buy your scarves for you, suppose you can add another line to your BIG CLUB song, "we got more scarves than anyone in the land" hahahahahahahahahah LOSERS

      • at least keane didnt cheat to win penalties or do it behind referees back or roll around like a tart who had been shot.
        waste of a stadium.
        Ball disgrace to the name - he is total #$%$
        and your relpy will be full of #$%$ cause no brains to hold adult conversation!!!!

      • Manchester City have ended their home programme of Premier League matches by scoring only 10 goals -- the lowest number scored at home in the English top flight since League soccer began in 1888

        LMFAO! you piece of blue #$%$