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    Pearce has been sacked

    Not officially announced yet but Pearce has been saked

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    • Personally I was glad to see the back of Stuart Pearce, his tactics was useless, 4-5-1 at home against sides like Villa and his man-management was disgraceful, if this bloke had all the money in the world it wouldn't have made any difference.

      Look at City's league Positions under Pearce 14th, 15th.....#$%$ management (i'm not adding the run in season when Keegan left and we just missed out on Europe) that was Keegan's work.

      Pearce's authority in the dressing room was nil, all the foreign players sat at one side and the british players sat on the other, is that how a team is suppossed to be run, I don't think so, take Reading, there no big shots but playing as a team they did very well this season when everyone had them down for certain relegation.

      Let's get someone in who knows how to play attacking entertaining football and start banging the goals in again.

      10 goals at home is an embarrassment for us blues and an unwanted record, cheerio Pearcy, I won't miss you.

      Happier days will be back sooner than we think.

    • WARNOCK ---coming soon to a venue near you

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      • Warnock, that would sum up the board. Sack a manager that has done what we all really expected with the team he has, mid table mediocrity, then hire a manager of a team that finished lower than us and one of the few teams that didn't defeat us this season. Why did they sack Pearce? Was it necessary for any takeover and if so couldn't they wait till that deal was complete?