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  • Ricky Y Ricky Y Jun 12, 2007 09:43 Flag

    Thaksin Shinawatra

    Hi guys, just want to say that you will miss nothing if Thaksin Shinawatra's bid fall through! I am a scouser and was one of the most vocal guys objecting his planned takeover of Liverpool 2 years back.

    He may be a football fan, but he is prepared to put personal interests ahead of club's. You must know his background, he became rich by creaming off his people when he was Prime Minister. The country runs one of the biggest illegal football gambling syndicates in Asia, which rumoured to be controlled by him. During the last world cup, illegal football gambling in Thailand ran up to an estimate of US$1.2b (this figure was quoted in Hong Kong where police raided many illegal underground betting operations and found many counter deals with Thai operations), but the police never carried out any raids on sites in Thailand eventhough even tourists knew where to go if they wanted to make a bet, I know because I was there!

    His fund in Thailand is now being frozen for suspect of bribery, but that is only the tip of the iceburg. I am sure he has already transferred a lot of his wealth outside Thailand, nesting in off-shore accounts under different names. He may still have the money to buy your club, but the objcetive is really money laundry.

    Reject the offer now when there is still a chance. You will still be better off with no new investor than having a corrupt soon-to-be-prosecuted criminal as owner!

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    • The Thai authorities are most probably crying because he is investing a lot of money in the UK, namely our belovered Manchester City.

      Believe me Manchester City's board of directors are not stupid, do you honestly think John Wardle & co would enter such a deal if they thought for one minute Shinawatra was as bent as they come ? not a chance,for christsake we are talking top businessmen here not some backstreet deal.

      The Premier League grill people like Shinawatra asking lots of questions, he has passed the test and that's good enough for me.

    • Yeh,a chicken coup!!!!

    • I'm surprised there isn't more on her about this guy and his take over, once again Man. City is a joke in the World of football. I'm a City fan of 34 years and was at Wembley in '76 the last time we won anything! I'm sick of being in the shadow of Utd and sick of being the laughing stocks of football.
      Time is ticking on, we have no manager, no new players and it's all adding up to yet another disastrous season to come and probably resulting in relegation, something needs to be done about this club before it ends up in the same mire as Leeds!!