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  • Nick Nick Jul 7, 2007 16:46 Flag

    Sven can do it!

    Now I know you lot are holding your heads in your hands wailing at the news Sven is your new manager but I really think you should be optimistic and not crying your little hearts out.

    Look at his record as a manager and its pretty awesome! Yes we all know he f**ked up the England job but he knew exactly what he was doing with his team choices and tactics he used, he threw the world cup for some reason only known to him, someone up top must have really pi**ed him off. No matter who you are you know you don’t take two cripples and a schoolboy to the world cup as your strike force! He threw it plane and simple.

    But back to now.

    His results have always been good, don’t go on what you remember actually look it up and you'll see how good he is at building a working team who win things. Other than throwing the world cup all the papers could complain about with him was he was a little quiet by the side of the pitch, well if that’s all you can moan about in a manager then damn something is going right for him!

    I think and hope he will bring new life to your club and you will be singing his name from the tiers in the first two months of the season. Give him at least till Christmas and remember it takes time to build up a team to play and work how you want them so give him that time and I'm sure you will all be surprised with the results.

    I'm a Spurs fan and I like Newcastle cos I think you really do bring a good side to the game every year and would like to see you do better and push up the table.

    Good luck boys and girls its gonna be an interesting season to come!

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